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n!factorial Duoo Alianzas

Duoo Marriage Alliances

Client: Peña Joyeros


The company unites tradition, personalized attention and quality join in Peña Joyeros to offer personalized jewelry made with modern production techniques.

One of the lines of the company is the wedding alliances, Duoo alliances, with more than 200,000 possible combinations so it was necessary to have a system that allows both the end user and the professional to make the model that best suits the client final.

The proposed solution

Based on the client's requirements, a configurator was created that allows the customized design of the alliance by choosing all possible options compatible with the chosen model.

Due to the variability of gold prices, the system is integrated into its management system with a price update process.

The administration platform allows the edition of the models and their combinations so the inclusion of new models can be done directly from the system.

The final result is that in a single screen the visitor of the web can configure and visualize the final result.

For professionals, the configurator becomes a tool that allows configuration and place the order directly in the company.

In addition, for all authorized dealers of Duoo products, the configurator can be integrated into their web pages and have an integrated online sales system.

Peña Joyeros has a very versatile tool, easy to use by end customers and distributors and, thanks to the implemented processes, updated both in content and prices.