study cases

n!factorial Casos de estudio

These projects have been developed according to the needs of the client, implementing, analyzing the internal processes and adapting the application to them.

The result is customized applications with low training requirements and the possibility of expansion thanks to your modular construction, which allows incorporating new functionalities as they are needed.

Customer registration management platform Tech Data Spain

n! factorial has created the customer registration management platform for Tech Data, enabling automation, monitoring, auditing and documenting the entire process, streamlining and optimizing the customer registration procedure.


Commercial information system with the integration of data from different sources and process management that allow a comprehensive management of the commercial and marketing departments of the company.

Tech Data

Portal of marketing tools where the client can find all the information of the products that the company sells, offers and use the different tools that are made available to them.

Dofi Jet Boats

Digital transformation of this company dedicated to passenger transport by sea. The application controls the entire sales process both at the box office and through the travel agencies marketing the product.

Duoo Marriage Alliances

The administration platform allows the edition of the models and their combinations so the inclusion of new models can be done directly from the system.

Management Systems

Management of tourism products that allows the commercialization of the same through multiple devices, contemplating all the actors involved in the sale.

Electro Stocks

Application of management of several aspects of the company (company structure, email, fleet of vehicles, etc.) as well as serving as a corporate information system to employees.

Mast Storage

Integral management platform (contracting, management, billing) of the online bakcup product where distributors and customers can perform all the administrative functions of the contracted products.