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n!factorial Grupo Electro Stocks

Electro Stocks Group

Client: Grupo Electro Stocks

Grupo Electro Stocks is a national leader in the distribution of electrical equipment founded in 1981 with three commercial brands. It has 1 distribution center, 60 points of sale covering 28 provinces and 700 collaborators.

From the apartment. The decision to transfer the management of the electronic mail to Gmail was made and they needed an external application that controlled both the change process and the management of the different accounts and groups according to the characteristics of the associated person.

Due to the size of the company it was necessary to incorporate a control in other areas with the aim of improving the internal processes of the Company

The proposed solution

In the first phase the structure of the company was parameterized, very distributed due to the large number of existing points of sale.

From this parameterization we incorporate all the management modules, linking with Gmail to manage accounts and user groups according to the position that the person occupies in the organization

In the same way, the fleet management modules of vehicles and telephone lines use the parametrization of the company structure to assign these resources.

As the needs of the company have grown, modules have been made to facilitate the work of the various departments. Among these modules it is worth mentioning the link to the management system that allows quick access to the suppliers' invoices whether they arrive in a traditional format or arrive in EDI file exchange format.

Similarly, the corporate information system of the company, also developed by n!factorial, offers corporate news and different resources to employees based on the position held in the company.

The result has been a management system, fully adapted to the needs of the company and that has been growing according to the needs of the company.