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n!factorial Mast Storage

Mast Backup Online

Client: Mast Storage


The management of your product Mast Backup Online required a management, billing and control application that would adapt to the sales method of the company through its network of distributors.

Mast Storage has more than 5000 clients that backup their data through Mast Backup Online.

The proposed solution

An application was created to control the entire process of contracting, billing and renewing online backup services.

The way of marketing products was analyzed so that the contracting was adapted to the needs of the company.

The application developed by n!factorial connects to the backup servers, making the provision of services automated.

Control systems have been incorporated, which allow controlling the contracted space, notifying the client by e-mail if it is about to run out or its subscription is about to expire.

The billing system is fully automated, sending the invoice to the customer by email and linking to the company's management system.

Through the application developed by n!factorial, all processes related to the Mast Backup Online product have been automated, facilitating the work of distributors, customers and the company that owns the service.